Discover Your Wild

This project involved multiple locations, actors, props, and sourcing a professional voiceover actor.  The result is a short advert to promote eating game.

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What People Are Saying About MOVA

“This quote needs to nudge people toward a conversion by establishing trust.”





In Pursuit of the Perfect Suckler Herd

The Story of Stabiliser Cattle

The North Country Cheviot Ewe

This project was to highlight the benefits of the NCC ewe, both the park and hill type. We worked with a farmer for a case study to bring the story to life.

About Polysulphate and how to use it

The aim of this project was to show farmers how easy it is to use Polysulphate as well as highlighting some of the benefits of the product.

About Polysulphate and how to use it

This project involved filming across the length of the UK, from the north of Scotland to the south of Wales.
The final delivery comprised of a short documentary-style film that articulated the background and benefits of the Stabiliser breed of cattle.